Emergency Plumber Services for Henderson: What to Know Before You Call

emergency plumber henderson

Plumbing problems are naturally concerning to homeowners. After all, water damage can do more than destroy possessions; it can harm the structural integrity of your house and leave you with thousands of dollars in damage. That’s why having an emergency plumber you can call is vital. Learn when to call for emergency services and what to expect.

What Counts as an Emergency?

A plumbing emergency is when you can’t drink water, cook, bathe or use the toilet in your home because of plumbing problems, or when there’s a significant leak or broken pipe that could threaten the structural integrity of your home.

What Should You Do While Waiting for the Plumber?

If it’s safe for you to do so, it may be wise to shut off the main water source. That will at least slow or stop the flow of water through leaky pipes or malfunctioning appliances such as an overflowing dishwasher. Clear a path for the plumber to enter your home and work safely. 

Will the Problem Be Fixed Completely After-Hours?

You can expect a temporary repair to be made by the plumber, with a return visit during business hours. At that second visit, the plumber will more fully evaluate the problem and weigh a more permanent fix. The emergency plumbing visit is primarily to stop or limit ongoing water damage. 

Do You Need an Emergency Plumber in Henderson?

Flo Pro Plumbing is a locally-owned plumbing contractor with many years of experience and a reputation for quality work with a friendly and professional approach and affordable pricing, even for your after-hours needs. Equipped with precision diagnostic tools and quality components for installation, replacement and repair work, Pro Flo is licensed and committed to meeting or exceeding customer expectations. Contact us for help with drain and sewer line services, water heater replacement, leak detection, piping and repiping, water treatment and filtration or any other plumbing issue. 

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