3 Tips to Prevent a Drain Clog in Las Vegas

drain clog in las vegas

It’s not easy to remove a drain clog in Las Vegas. When solids and gunk line your pipes and slow water drainage, you may need to call a plumber. This is why preventing clogs is so important, and here are three ways to do that. 

Keep Solids Out of Your Drains

Before washing dishes, pots and pans, scrape solids and grease into the trash. When food and grease particles get stuck in your drains, not only do they block water from draining, but their decay causes odors, too.

Descale Hard Water Deposits

Water that’s plentiful in minerals such as magnesium and calcium is often called hard water. Those minerals may be left behind in your plumbing system. As they build up, they narrow the width of the pipe and cause a clog. Consult with your plumber to learn the best way to descale your pipes.

Get Your Pipes Checked Regularly

Solve problems while they are still small. Make an appointment with your plumber to inspect your pipes on an annual or biannual basis. Common causes of clogs include tree roots and solid paper waste.

Do You Need Help with a Drain Clog in Las Vegas?

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Expert Assistance with Your Stubborn Drain Clog in Las Vegas

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