Expert & Affordable Water Treatment and Filtration Systems for Home & Business in Las Vegas, Summerlin & Henderson

Water Treatment and Filtration Systems | Las Vegas Valley | Flo Pro PlumbingLas Vegas Valley water is full of minerals that make it ‘hard’ and bad for pipes and drain lines. Most local residents use a water softener as part of their overall water treatment and filtration systems. If you’re tired of putting up with dry skin and cloudy glassware, ask us about a system to remove pesky calcium, magnesium and other plumbing contaminants from your water.

Whole House Water Treatment and Filtration Systems

Do you suffer from medical conditions such as skin allergy or diabetes? Do you you want 100% chlorine-free clean water and/or spotless glassware and corrosion-free water piping and lines? If so, ask the knowledgeable pros at Flo Pro Plumbing about our wide array of water treatment and filtration systems that supply anywhere from one tap to your entire home or office.

Alkaline Osmosis Systems

Expert & Affordable Water Treatment and Filtration Systems for Home & Business in Las Vegas, Summerlin & HendersonMost of us believe bottled water is almost always better for us than drinking straight from the tap. But what most people don’t know is bottled water is very acidic and has no nutritional value – it just quenches your thirst. People spend hundreds of dollars a year on bottled water, doing their part to add more discarded plastic to our landfills and oceans. Why not stop buying bottled water and plastic, and invest in an Alkaline Osmosis System for your health and that of the environment? Alkaline water is the best one can consume, as its pH is a perfect 7.6 to 8.0 which is non-acidic. Balanced with a combination of minerals that are essential for good daily nutrition, ask us how we can install one right at your kitchen sink!

Alkalinity & Purity – What Could be Better?

Combining the benefits of osmosis with filtration yields clear, delicious water that’s really good for you, your family, and if installed as a whole-home system, also good for your plumbing, taps and water system. Contact us for more information, or for leak detection, water heater replacement, or any other plumbing-related service. We’re your affordable plumbing experts!

Home & Business Water Treatment and Filtration Systems in Las Vegas, Summerlin & Henderson

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